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Resiliency Rocks

By Lesia Cartelli

We’ve all faced hard challenges one time or another in our lives. Withstanding and overcoming adversities with positive results takes resilience.

How do we become resilient? Are we born with resiliency as a part of our DNA? Or are we born without it and it’s up to us to build resilience?

These are questions […]

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The Best Gift for Girls Like Safyre 

By Lesia Stockall Cartelli

The heart-driven, social media-fueled response to 8-year-old Safyre Terry’s simple wish for Christmas cards was wonderful to watch. Since her wish spread online last week (early December 2015), truckloads of greeting cards, teddy bears and treats have been delivered to the Schenectady, NY, home she shares with her aunt, Liz Dolder. Hundreds […]

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