Lesia Stockall Cartelli is an accomplished speaker who makes audiences laugh, cry, reconsider their past and future, and make changes in their lives. Whether your audience is a group of doctors, lawyers, business people or retirees, Lesia personalizes her talk and reaches them where it counts — at their heart. She is an unusual speaker because she is one who many people may view as a victim — as she bears scars on her face from a childhood injury that could have blocked her path to success, had she let it. Her message is universal: We all have scars from injuries (emotional, psychological, financial) that we have to get past. She empowers people to do just that.

Her talks fit the following categories:

  • Change management
  • Children and family
  • Health and wellness
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Patient-centered care
  • Spirituality and religion
  • Women’s Passions

(760) 846-6280

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Thank you so much for speaking to the Nurse Life Care Planners at our Executive Forum. Your story inspires us to rise above tragedy in life and succeed. You are amazing and continue to give back of yourself. You brought us to tears in your talk. Thank you for sharing you and sharing Angel Faces with us!



When powerful stories, deep insight, and an extraordinary communication style come together, magic happens. I will tell you from experience—Lesia Cartelli makes magic happen when she speaks. She is able to share profound truths that resonate for everyone in her audience. It is a special gift. You cannot help but fall in love with Lesia, but intriguingly, when you hear her speak, you also end up loving yourself and feeling more capable of mastering whatever demands the world has of you.

Susan N. Fowler, Senior Consulting Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies


‘Simply the best.’ ‘The most inspirational lecture I have ever heard.’ ‘A moving, memorable and life altering lecture. Taught me the importance of finding the good in all that comes your way.’

The above quotes are a sample of the dozens and dozens of overwhelmingly positive feedback that was received on Lesia Cartelli’s presentation at the Organization of Facial Plastic Surgery Assistants annual meeting. When choosing presenters for a conference, Lesia is that perfect speaker you always hope will show up and deliver a home-run talk that generates buzz and excitement in your audience. Professional, poised and prepared, Lesia takes the stage with a delicate authority that commands the attention and respect of a lecture hall from 50 to 500. As she takes the audience on an emotional journey, you learn through her mission of self-discovery how to see the light through any darkness in your life. Simply put Lesia Cartelli is more than a speaker, she is an experience. I highly recommend her services as a motivational speaker and can say with certainty her story will touch your heart and her fierce determination will move your audience to their feet and fuel their drive to thrive.

Tracy Drumm, President, Organization of Facial Plastic Surgery Assistants


every once in a while you are caught up in the hum drum of a meeting with the same old lectures by the same old people, then out of the blue….WHAM….lightening strikes! That rare dynamic person that can meld human emotions with personal experiences to deliver “real” education. The type of lecture where the audience suddenly puts down their ipads and iphones, sit up in their chairs and all eyes on stage. All of a sudden there is the emotion of relevance in the room. The doctors that may have treated cases for years, suddenly get to hear the real story from the real person. It simply changes ones perspective on the other side of the scalpel.

Lesia speaks from the heart and from passion. You can see many smiles and many tears. You can see the energy and emotion permeate the crowd and you can see that people want to open their hearts to assist others that have had similar tragedies. No one leaves the room not feeling that they are fortunate and that perhaps when they thing they are having a bad day, they realize there are thousands of others that have truly catastrophic days every day. When Lesia gets rolling, you can hear a pin drop. A standing ovation is her norm.
I was “struck by her lightning” and it touched my heart.

Joe Niamtu, III DMD, Cosmetic Facial Surgery, Richmond, VA


Lesia has a magical way of inviting you into her heart and the hearts of the many who inspire her. Her miraculous journey combined with her passion, warmth and authenticity propel her meaningful messages to permeate your soul in profound and memorable ways. She ignites compassion and inspiration in everyone who is blessed to hear her speak.

Jennifer Tokatyan, HR Executive, PrAna