Talks are tailored to each audience, but often include some of the sections below:

Finding Grit Within

Childhood of uncertainty, explosion, burn treatments, coping with appearance, relationship changes, community reentry, rejection, creating something powerful out of pain, creating a life purpose

The Many Faces of Resilience

The factors that build resilience: strong relationships, positive view of yourself and your strength and abilities, capacity to make realistic plans, skills in communication and problem solving, capacity to manage strong feelings and impulses (using many examples from successful Angel Faces program)

Facing and Overcoming Fears

My fear of fire and why, strategic planning of “how,” training leading up to the event, the day of fire re-entry, post fear exposure/meltdown

The Power of Gratitude

Research on gratitude and its impact on healing, finding your gifts after trauma, evidence from Angel Faces program

 Love Beyond Perceptions

Self-acceptance, trust connections, and path, fire reentry, post entry romance, bonds that heal


Recruiting people with gifts; find and restore; linking pain with passion; Angel Faces volunteers

Risks and Rewards (Following your Heart)

The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward; the importance of brave acts; how to follow through

Not Wasting Your Pain (Finding Purpose)

How to transition pain into a positive for the world; serving yourself, serving the community and the world