Let it go.  Let it be. Wait and see.

These phrases – the first two launched from a movie and a song, the last, my mother’s favorite — are so easy to say, but difficult to do, at least for me.

When you are driven and feel passionately that you get back in life what you work hard to create, it can be hard to grasp the value in what seems like inaction.

How can I let it go when I tend to dissect an awkward incident as a life lesson and always strive to make something good out of everything that has come my way?

How can I let it be when I see injustice?

Wait and see?  That’s for passive people who are overly carefree, ill prepared or who are not living fully.

My perception is changing.

Just a few weeks into the New Year, I’m aware of my constant drive to do better, seize opportunities, evolve more and push.  I am trying not to hyper-monitor the daily small acts and events as indicators of how the rest of my year will play out. It takes conscious energy, as I sit at a traffic light, struggle with insomnia or reach for my electronic device – to gently guide my mind back to the present moment and breathe and simply take it all in, let it all out and stay open to the white space, the silence.

I attended a vision board workshop recently. How timely as it was the first of the year and we should set our goals, and get our visions onto paper, right?  As I entered the session with my piles of magazines, materials and two posters — yes, two, I have many visions. I tried to stay mindful of my new mantra of let it go, let it be and wait and see.  We were instructed to find and clip out the pictures that spoke to us – things we wanted in our lives.  Clipping out typeface words was encouraged too.

Once this was completed, we were to paste photos on our poster in a sequence reflecting areas of our lives; health, career, love, adventure, etc.  As I was mindfully perusing through my magazine looking for identifiable visions that spoke to me, another student was furiously clipping and gluing. She then asked, “Does the one who finishes first get a prize?” Her poster overflowed with pictures, one on top of the other.  I recognized it — it looked like mine a few years back, full, busy and competitive?

I glued a few photos down, rested my scissors on the table and decided that I was comfortable with a lot of white space on my board and thus in my life. Space for all the things enormously abundant that are coming my way.  Things, feelings and experiences — I had no idea what, who or how – that would lift me higher than my own visions.  I know they are out there, headed my way.  I just need to let it go, let it be and wait and see.

Maybe letting it go, letting it be and waiting and watching is not about losing ground or giving up.  Perhaps these are the keys to surrendering and staying open to something better.  I’ll wait and see.

Note:  Be mindful while you are letting it go, you should be wearing your overalls, just in case an opportunity for work arises. 

Potential categories of items for the video board

Potential categories of items for the video board.