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New Release: Tumble Weed

$21.00 + $6.50 shipping


A signed copy of Lesia's latest book, Tumble Weed, is now available for purchase.

Or purchase signed copies of both Tumble Weed and Heart of Fire for $40.00 (+ $8.50 shipping to US Only)

To buy in bulk please contact Lesia directly.

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Get your signed copy of Tumble Weed, Heart of Fire or both books today!

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"This is a story you will still be thinking about tomorrow."

– Barbara Walters ABC 20/20

About Lesia

Lesia Stockall Cartelli is a sought-after speaker and author. Her books include Heart of Fire and Tumbleweed. She is the founder and chief executive officer of Angel Faces – a national nonprofit providing healing retreats and ongoing support to adolescent girls and young women with severe burn/trauma injuries.


Cartelli endured serious burn injuries at the age of nine in a natural gas explosion. Her grandparents’ home was destroyed yet her spirit survived. At age 33, resiliency and courage motivated Cartelli to face her fear of fire. She suited up in firefighting gear and entered a burning building known as a “control burn.” Her fear conquered, she married the fire captain who led her into the fire to face her fears.


Cartelli transformed her pain into a life of passion and purpose. For the past 30 years, she has launched and directed aftercare programs for burn and trauma patients, and in 2003, founded Angel Faces. Thousands have been deeply impacted through her programs and her talks. She inspires all who are in her path.

Praise for the Author

"This is a story you will still be thinking about tomorrow"

– Barbara Walters, ABC News 20/20

"Lesia Cartelli is the perfect example of someone who has used a tragedy and her heart to help others. We are honored to give her the Heart of the Woman Award"

– Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw

"Lesia's miraculous journey combined with her passion and authenticity permeate your soul in profound and memorable ways. She ignites compassion and inspiration in everyone who is blessed to hear her story."

– Jennifer Tokatyan, HR Executive prAna

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