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Head Up, Wings Out!

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About Angel Faces

Established in 2003, Angel Faces provides intensive education, healing retreats and ongoing support for girls and young women with burn/trauma injuries. Our mission is to provide inspiration and empowerment, so that they can achieve the optimum potential and develop meaningful relationships for themselves, their families, and communities. Click here to download the Angel Faces brochure.

Watch Angel Faces' Emmy Award-winning video.

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Angel Faces makes a huge impact in the lives of the girls and young women we serve. We take girls who hurt inside and out, and show them how tragedy can wake us to life’s richness, how it touches our heart and our soul on many levels.


What Others Say

"This is a story you will still be thinking about tomorrow"

– Barbara Walters, ABC News 20/20

"Lesia Cartelli is the perfect example of someone who has used a tragedy and her heart to help others. We are honored to give her the Heart of the Woman Award"

– Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw

"Lesia's miraculous journey combined with her passion and authenticity permeate your soul in profound and memorable ways. She ignites compassion and inspiration in everyone who is blessed to hear her story."

– Jennifer Tokatyan, HR Executive prAna

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