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"Lesia Cartelli is more than a speaker. She is an experience."

– Joe Niamtu, III DMD, Cosmetic Facial Surgery, Richmond, Virginia

Most Requested Speech Topics

1. Facing and Overcoming Fears

  • Effects of PTSD and Fears 

  • Cover My Fear Of Fire And Why

  • Strategic Planning Of “How”

  • Training Leading Up To Event

  • Day Of Fire Re-Entry

  • Post Fear Exposure

2. Finding Resilience Within

  • Childhood of Uncertainty

  • Explosion

  • Burn Treatments

  • Coping With Appearance

  • Relationship Changes

  • Community Reentry

  • Rejection, Subtle And Not So Subtle

  • Creating Something Powerful Out Of Pain.

  • Create Life Purpose

3. The Many Faces of Courage

  • The Factors That Build Courage

  • Strong Relationships

  • Positive View Of Yourself And Your Strength And Abilities

  • Capacity Of Make Realistic Plans

  • Skills In Communication And Problem Solving

  • Capacity To Manage Strong Feelings And Impulses

  • How You Can Build Resilience In Yourself And Others

4. The Power of Gratitude

  • Research On Gratitude And Its Impact On Healing

  • Transforming Pain Into Gratitude

  • Daily Acts Of Gratitude Despite Challenges

  • Finding Your Gifts After Trauma

  • Utilizing The Gifts For Benefit Of All

5. Love Beyond Perceptions

  • Discovering Self-Acceptance

  • Trusting Your Connections And Path

  • Fire Reentry

  • Post Entry Romance

  • Bonds That Heal

6. Leadership

  • Recruiting People With Gifts

  • Create Framework Of Legacy

  • Restore Faith In Direction  

  • Linking Pain With Passion

  • Angel Faces Volunteers

7. Unopened Gifts

  • Recognizing And Identifying Gifts In Your Life

  • Using Your Gifts For Highest Good

  • Enhancing Your Gifts For Growth

  • Trusting Your Gut Of The Gift

  • Learning to Not Waste Your pain

Lesia Stockall Cartelli is an accomplished speaker who makes audiences laugh, cry, reconsider their past and future, and make changes in their lives. Whether your audience is a group of doctors, lawyers, business people or retirees, Lesia personalizes her talk and touches them where it counts — at their heart. She is an unusual powerful speaker because she is one who many people may view as a victim — as she bears scars on her face from a childhood injury that could have blocked her path to success, had she let it. But her lion hearted  energy shows us her strength and courage to heal.  Her message is universal: We all have scars from injuries (emotional, psychological, financial) that we must embrace to truly see the gift in our challenges.  She empowers audiences to do just that. 

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Praise for Lesia S. Cartelli

"Lesia S. Cartelli is more than a speaker, she is an experience. Her story will touch your heart and her fierce determination will move your audience to their feet and fuel their drive to thrive."

– Joe Niamtu, III DMD, Cosmetic Facial Surgery, Richmond, Virginia 

"This is a story you will still be thinking about tomorrow"

– Barbara Walters, ABC News 20/20

"Lesia Cartelli is the perfect example of someone who has used a tragedy and her heart to help others. We are honored to give her the Heart of the Woman Award"

– Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw

"Lesia's miraculous journey combined with her passion and authenticity permeate your soul in profound and memorable ways. She ignites compassion and inspiration in everyone who is blessed to hear her speak."

– Jennifer Tokatyan, HR Executive prAna

"Thank you so much for speaking to the Nurse Life Care Planners at our Executive Forum. Your story inspires us to rise above tragedy in life and succeed. You are amazing and continue to give back of yourself. You brought us to tears in your talk. Thank you for sharing you and sharing Angel Faces with us!"

– Kelly Lance, KELYNCO

"When powerful stories, deep insight, and an extraordinary communication style come together, magic happens. I will tell you from experience—Lesia Cartelli makes magic happen when she speaks. She is able to share profound truths that resonate for everyone in her audience. It is a special gift. You cannot help but fall in love with Lesia, but intriguingly, when you hear her speak, you also end up loving yourself and feeling more capable of mastering whatever demands the world has of you"

– Susan N. Fowler, Senior Consulting Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

Past Speaking Engagements

  • prAna HQ – Carlsbad, CA

  • San Diego Women's Week – San Diego, CA

  • Soroptimists Club of La Jolla – San Diego, CA

  • American Association of Life Care Planners – Tampa, FL

  • San Diego Business Chamber Luncheon – San Diego, CA

  • Courage to Heal Fundraiser – Sonoma, CA.

  • Shriners Hospitals for Children – Boston, MA

  • Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cleveland, OH

  • Rainbow Babies Hospital – Cleveland, OH

  • Lumenis  Healthcare – San Antonio, TX

  • American Burn Association – Dallas, TX

  • Life Care Plan Managers – Scottsdale, AZ

  • Organization of Facial Plastic Surgery Assistants – San Francisco, CA

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